The One That Got Away - Rhianne Aile, Madeleine Urban 4.5 stars

I really loved this one. It was such a sweet, slow romance and you got to know the characters and their intentions before the romance started to happen. It also helped that the MCs were best friends before they became intimate. Not to mention one of them is actually straight. That is why I loved this because it wasn't a 'jump right in even though I'm straight' type of story but a 'let's take it easy so I can wrap my head around what's happening' type of one. It was just great.

There were, however, a few inconsistencies but it didn't deter me from loving the book, although at times the head hopping was slightly annoying.

This book is definitely one of my favorites. One I can re-read anytime and not get bored of it. Definitely recommended.