Love & Loyalty - Tere Michaels I loved it! Jim and Griffin make a perfect pair even though they are more or less opposites. Jim being all big and surly and intimidating while Griffin... is not. He;s sweet and does this thing when he gets nervous where he becomes so bold and takes charge. He's kinda hot, too.

It was a sweet, touching story and I loved reading about how Jim softens up and the troubles Griffin has with his best friend and her betrayal and his struggle to keep his promise to an ill man that Jim deeply cared about.

I'd love to have more on Jim and Griffin. Their story ended sweetly but I'd like to see how Jim handles Griffin's family and to know more about them as well. Since by the end of the book Jim made some changes and changed himself, I'd love to know how he reacts when he's put in that type of situation and also how he's liking being retired and maybe what happens with Griffin and how his project is going.

This one was way better than the first one and I honestly can't understand why it took me so long to read it because I really did love it a lot and I want more of Jim and Griffin.

Definitely recommended.