Devon's Revenge - Jade Archer Okay, I don't normally do pics but I just have to for this one. Not only because this is (mostly) how I imagine Devon's cat to be but also because black cats are just my favorite ^_^

image Plus, doesn't he just look so playful? :D

Onto the review!

I absolutely loved this book even more than Ethan's Freedom. There's just no way you can't fall in love with Devon especially with everything he goes through! And, well, I love broken characters ^_^

I loved Nate, too. He's sweet and strong and protective but above all his reaction to Devon and the fact Devon's carrying another cat's kittens and isn't resentful of it but supportive and loving and more than eager to treat them as his own children makes him completely admirable in my eyes. Devon is a gentle soul. Someone that has always cared for others and only ever wanted to feel needed and wanted by someone but everyone always rejected him so he always felt like he was not good enough, abandoned, and lost. Until Nate came along ... and the kittens. Now he feels like he's finally found himself. But even with how he wants to feel needed he's not weak, he's actually surprisingly strong. He changes, grows, throughout the book going from the neglected weakling people walked all over and used to the strong, confident cat who's loved and has a new purpose in life and is finally happy.

This book definitely has more action than the first in the series. While the first half of the story is all about getting to know Devon and Nate, which I absolutely loved because they have to be some of my favorite characters now, the second half is all about the suspense with one twist after another. I swear, if Bubbles didn't tease me so much about it I probably would have been blind-sided by one or two of them. Lol. We're introduced to new characters and learn a little bit more about the world Jade has created. I just wished we got to see more of some the other cat's from Ethan's Freedom; more of Ethan and also Rolf's brothers.

All in all, this was a fantastic book. This series keeps getting better and better and I'm eager to read the next in the series and see where Jade takes us. I just hope we get more of Nate and Devon, too! Definitely recommended!