The Girl For Me - Failte I absolutely adored this book. No surprise there, huh? Lol. But I really did love this one. I was hooked right from the beginning and I couldn't put it down once I started.

The relationship between Kevin and Danny/Dani while at first is based on blackmail, it soon becomes friendship then progresses into an intimate relationship. Kevin, in my opinion, was the first to truly accept Danny's desire to dress as a woman and soon not only loved it when he was Danny but also when he was Dani. He loved the fact that he got the best of both worlds in Daniel.

Both Danny and Kevin are great characters. Danny becomes more confident and everyone seems to like him when he is Dani but he's still a lovable kind of guy when he's Danny. Kevin is, while sweet, sometimes a little harsh. At the beginning, he seems a bit mean with the things he says towards Dani but he slowly starts to change and grows up becoming a smart, while sometimes oblivious, man. He's honest to everyone and automatically knows when someone is a genuinely good person or not. With Danny in the picture (whether as Danny or Dani) Kevin becomes the guy that his Uncle Keith never expected Kevin to be.

It was great seeing the changes in Kevin and Danny. Kevin is pretty cool with being gay for Danny but seeing Danny start to accept the fact he's transgender was really special. It was interesting seeing the way a TG thinks and acts. This story is while sweet, still has it's sad moments. When Kevin hurts Danny I teared up a little bit because of how selfish Kevin was but Kevin makes it all right but how that changes Danny was kind of funny. Sad but definitely funny.

Oh, and if I confused you with all the D names, just a clarification the MCs are Kevin and Daniel. Daniel's nickname is Danny but when he turns into a she, she becomes Dani with an 'i'.

Overall, this was a great book (and free!) I definitely recommend it!