Treacherous Sun - Jade Archer I really, really loved this book. Jade has created another great world and one I can't wait to keep reading about!

I loved the fact Mykel and Lusaffar are polar opposites but yet they still found love in each other. Mykel being an Aenjel and Lusaffar being a Deamond is the biggest reason their attraction to each other is not a good thing. Aenjels and Deamonds have been enemies for centuries and having to co-habitat on The Nu Hayven is not the easiest, or maybe even the smartest, thing. I loved both Mykel and Lusaffar. Mykel is sweet but has a sharp tongue, he's slightly depressed that he had to leave his home and his parents but he's the leader of the Aenjels so he needs to put up a strong front. Lusaffar is dark and dangerous and also needs to appear as the strong leader. The two instantly hate each other but there's still attraction there and it was definitely fun watching them work through their differences and trying to make a relationship work. And can I just say how much I loved how Lusaffar reacted when Mykel was being held hostage and how he kept a tight hold on Mykel when everything was said and done because he thought others were going to hurt what was his? Just so cute and sexy!

There was tons of suspense in this one which suited my mood quite well. Deamonds are known for their rages and their tempers and we got to experience those rages right from the beginning. Aenjels are a more gentle species but they are still strong and can hold up their own. There's a slight mystery behind the Nu Hayven project and who is trying to kill not only Mykel but the rest of the executive officers onboard the ship. You can just feel the sexual tension between Mykel and Lusaffar and it takes patience and trust for Mykel to deal with Lusaffar and it takes faith and hope for Lusaffar to deal with what happens to Mykel. I think the only thing I had a problem with was how short it was. I wanted more and more and more, not just more on Mykel and Lusaffar's relationship but also with all the characters that were introduced and how they handle and retaliate against their attackers.

I really loved this book and I can't wait to see what happens next in the Nu Hayven Chronicles. Definitely recommended!