Luke's Surprise - Lavinia Lewis I really enjoyed this one. It was pretty cute and it had quite a bit of suspense.

I loved both of the MCs. Luke was so adorable. He kinda switches off from being a strong character before meeting Mark to becoming timid to becoming strong again when the story is over. He's spunky and cute when he does this adorable blushing thing when anything related to being intimate is said or done. I found it hilarious and then there's his snoring. Mark loved to rag on him about it and Luke would always counter with he doesn't snore. I found that funny and cute, too ^_^. I loved Mark. He's the big, bad, strong (alpha) mate and all he wants is to keep his little Luke safe and love on him as much as he can. These two actually talk some after they find out they are mates, even though neither of them are gay, so it was nice to get a bit of background on them.

Let me just say how craaazy Ethan is. Like, really. Major psycho alert. I noticed it right off the bat and I thought he was dangerous from the start even though Luke was adamant that he wasn't. Lol. Still, he made the story interesting. With all his 'Luke's mine' talk and his attempts to get Luke for himself were what made this story have so much suspense.

There was some head hopping between the characters. Not enough to deter me and make it annoying but enough for me to notice it a few times. There was also a tad too much sex for my liking (I just wasn't in a sex reading mood. :-/ I know horrible, right?) Aside from that, I liked the story but was left with a few questions. Is Rick actually dead? Ethan just said he got what he deserved but was that his way of saying he killed him? And what's going to happen to Rick's family now? How did Kelan feel about what his beta did to Luke? Will we ever get to read about Cody's story? I know he found his mate but how? When? Why? I would have liked to get more on Cody and his mate and all because it kinda felt like he was a pointless character and I didn't feel like he furthered the story at all.

All in all, it was a good book. I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the next in the series. Definitely recommended.