Sno Ho (Sno Ho, #1) - Ethan Day i laugh so hard it hurts  tehehehe

I loved this one. It was so hilarious! At first there's not much funny to it but then it turns into just nonstop funniness. I loved it ^_^

Ahh, Boone such a funny guy in that dry, sarcastic always-have-to-make-a-joke type of way. And even though he was sent to the mountains by his boyfriend and then dumped he still found some situations funny. Of course, that was only after a night of drunken sex with a stranger but eh, it was bound to happen, right? Lol. Wade was so cute and always tried to get his way with Boone. He loved the fact that Boone didn't know Wade was kinda famous and make a big deal about it or treat him differently for it. Omg, and I absolutely love that town! Curley and the Quad and all those people that were just gossiping about Boone and Wade nonstop was just hysterical to me, I couldn't help but laugh whenever Boone would get creeped out when he felt eyes following his every move and when he'd make a run for it if he felt like he was about to be cornered by someone. Hehehehe

This was a cute and fun read with just a hint of romanticism in it even with how it ended. I'm off to read the sequel now!

Definitely recommended! :D