Shying Away - Kate Sherwood I loved this book. It was just so cute and sweet.

Quinn is a gentleman even if he was a bit of an asshole in the beginning. Aaron is stubborn and determined to have Quinn be his first and so decides to let Quinn figure out on his own that Aaron and Quinn would make a great couple. It just takes Aaron a little patience for Quinn to figure out he can confide in Aaron and realize an exclusive relationship isn't such a bad idea.

This is a slow romance and some people might get bored with that but I rather liked it. I thought it did justice to Quinn's feelings, the reasons behind his promiscuity, and why he thought he wasn't good enough for Aaron. Also, another reason I liked the slow romance was because there isn't any sex until the end which I was rather fond of. I think that's what gave the story the air of sweetness I felt.

I just wished there were more on them to show how Aaron and Quinn are coping now and how Quinn's relationship with his family is. I wanted an epilogue but right now I'm hoping for a sequel. ^_^

Overall, I quite enjoyed this one and I'm hoping for more of these two. Definitely recommended :D