Finder Tolan - Megan Derr No surprise I love this one, eh? Lol.

If I didn't so thoroughly enjoy all of Megan Derr's books I'd probably take off stars because I'm always left with wanting more. Which is exactly the case with this one. I loved it a lot but I wished we were given more. More about what will happen to Goss and Tolan now that things are settling down for them and more about how Tolan and Shaw's relationship will work. I just want to know what happens after!

I like how Tolan doesn't hold his punches, per se, with the Shaw. Tolan had no problem with telling Shaw where to shove it and scowl all the time at him. He wasn't afraid or intimated by him which made it a rather amusing story.

Overall, I thought it was a great, entertaining story and I think other Megan Derr fans will agree.