Finn - Angel Martinez Honestly, I didn't have high hopes I'd like this book because of the fact that I picked it up and put it down so long ago but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I did like it overall. I suppose I just wasn't in the right mood the last time I tried reading it and that is why my opinion is completely different now.

This was quite an interesting story. Diego is a writer and when he meets Finn and takes him to Canada, he starts to write more and more about what Finn is and how Finn has lived his life. Diego is kind of a sad character. It broke my heart every time he had a seizure. Finn is a unique character. He talks like he's still in an old world and doesn't understand any of the technologies nowadays but he's sweet and really cares about Diego and wants to protect him because they are meant to be together forever which they have been because since Finn is immortal and Diego is not, Diego keeps being reincarnated so they are essentially true mates. I found it funny whenever Diego would say something about a TV or computer and Finn would say, "Oh, the picture box?" Lol. It cracked me up.

I really liked how Finn was understanding of Diego's hesitance to become lovers. He accepted Diego's decision and didn't push it. I must say when the wendigo showed up, I was hooked on the story. It was fascinating to see how Finn and Diego tried to fight the wendigo so that he couldn't kill anyone and I really liked seeing something positive come out of Diego's seizures.

All in all, this was a great book. I'm looking forward to reading more of Diego and Finn. Recommended.