All or Nothing - James Buchanan Hands down, the best out of the series, IMO. While I loved the first two and how Brandon was working through his problems with being in the closet, they just had too much sex for my liking. This one, though, this one had just the right amount of hot, rope tying sex but also more suspense to it than the others. I loved it.

Brandon, while still an asshole at times (but, you know, who can blame him? His daughter was just kidnapped!), he didn't act like the douche bag he was in the previous two books because he's more or less out in this one and he just doesn't give a shit anymore because what's there to live for if his daughter is dead? Nicky, sweet Nicky *sigh* I still love him. You see a kind of whole new side to him in this one with him trying to appease Brandon and get him to start thinking clearly and everything. He gets thrust into having his house invaded by Brandon's family so he has to be on his best behavior but also because Brandon puts him into certain situations that make Nicky evaluate what Brandon is to him and instead of leave Brandon like anyone else probably would, he stays and helps Brandon get over his temporary insanity.

I pretty much knew who the kidnapper was from the beginning but I wasn't absolutely positive until about the 60% mark. There were a few WTF moments of me screaming at my kindle asking it why they didn't just do it this way or that way but that's pretty much the norm for me when it comes to suspenseful mysteries.

Other than that, I immensely enjoyed it and I hope there will be more of Brandon and Nicky to come especially since I'm curious as to whether the rift between Brandon and his dad will ever get settled and how Shayna does months down the road after her kidnapping to see if she's healing or not and how Brandon and Nicky are settling in as a live-in couple. I definitely recommend this series.