The Curtis Reincarnation - Zathyn Priest I can't really adequately express my feelings on this book. I loved it, I mean, I really loved it but I just can't put into proper words exactly what I'm feeling. *sigh*

Jordan and Alec (aka Tyler Curtis) are very lovable characters. Jordan is kind of portrayed as a douche bag but he's really not. He's sweet to Alec but a bit standoffish to others. Alec is just adorable. Our first glimpse of the 'true' Alec is when he is dancing and singing to his heart's content back stage when he thinks no one can see him. It was such a contrast to the 'Tyler Curtis' image that it automatically put a smile on my face just reading about it. Alec is so naive and gullible, though; he has some major emotional issues, you feel so bad for him and added to the fact he's epileptic makes you just want to give him a giant hug. Although, Jordan does do a great job of giving Alec the love he deserves and needs.

Bec, Jordan's sister, was hysterical. She brings to the story the lightness Alec's disorder makes kind of depressing. Ugh, not really depressing but sad? If I wasn't laughing from her, I was crying because of what Alec is going through but then I'd be laughing again because Bec and Alec together is like a tag-team of uber-hyper children. Lol. I left the story with a sweet smile on my face that made my day because of the sappiness Jordan and Alec create together.

I appreciated the fact Alec's epilepsy was actually talked about and not just glossed over. We experience Alec go through his seizures multiply times. It's a big part of the story and how he gets under so much stress his seizures start to escalate into something causing him to be hospitalized for a long period of time.

The conflict with the manager is kind of a typical one. Where Frank, the manager, takes advantage of Alec at such a young age where all Alec wants is to be accepted. It's quite sad what Frank does to Alec but even though it was a bit cliched, I still enjoyed it and I still want to cut off Frank's balls. Except, well, the guy Frank owed money to shot off his balls so I was a bit satisfied with that... What does it say about me that I actually liked this ball-shooting guy? Hmmm....

All in all, this was a great rocker story. I loved the fact it not only gave me my fix for rockers but also lets me experience a touch of sadness with Alec's disorder without making it too angsty. Definitely recommended.