Sharing Paul - Jade Archer This was exactly the book I needed after a bad one. A book that's light and sweet and everything falls into the right places, leaving a huge smile on my face.

I'm not even sure how to classify this one. It's a bit like a menage because there's three people - Matt, Paul and Joshua - but then it's not a menage because there's only two corporal bodies! But then there is one (two?) scenes where they are all together. So, menage? Lol

I really loved this one. To me, it seems as if Jade's stories keep getting better and better and I'm absolutely in love with this world and the shifters and mages that inhabit it.

Paul is a unique shifter. Ever since he can remember he's had Joshua, someone only seen and heard by himself - in his mind. They share the same body but they are two completely different people. Paul's an introvert and likes being outside with open spaces and lots of running while Joshua is an extrovert. He's intellectual, vivacious and outgoing. He's the caring one of the pair while Paul just never knows what to say in those situations. Unfortunately, Paul is the one who owns their body. He's the physical one while Joshua is the psychic one. Without Joshua, Paul wouldn't be able to maintain the psychic link between them and without Paul, Joshua wouldn't be able to maintain the body. They need each other, they love each other but Joshua is dying and soon Paul will be a brokenhearted man without the only person who has ever understood him.

In comes Matt. He's been given a pretty bad deal in life. Being in foster care and having to support himself has been rough. He doesn't have the best of luck and that doesn't change the night he gets attacked by some thugs. Fortunately, before anything fatal can happen, Paul and Joshua come to his rescue. They save him and from there they can't help but fall in love even though Paul and Matt have their reasons for keeping their distance. Joshua knows he's dying and knows Paul is falling for Matt so he does what he can to make sure Paul will have someone there when he's gone.

It's bittersweet, really. I couldn't help crying and I know I'm not doing the story justice by trying to explain it. So, read it. There's not a bunch of suspense or anything but it's sweet and we are introduced to more characters, shifters and mages, and there's little hints of what's to come in future books. But it was just such a great book. I really do love these series and I feel in love with these characters. Definitely recommended.