Mann of My Dreams - Tinnean Wow! What a ride! And a long one at that!

I absolutely loved this one. I got caught up in all the suspense and mystery and the suspicion from both characters in the beginning of their relationship.

Because this book is so long, it's obvious a lot happens during the novel. One of those things is seeing the multiply layers both Quinton Mann and Mark Vincent have. I found it fascinating the way they were portrayed from outsiders and secondary characters but then how they were so different with each other and then again when they both learned to trust each other unconditionally pealed back another layer to see who Mark and Quinn where deep down. They went from the Ice Man and the Sociopath to these two people who learned they have it in themselves to love someone so much it hurts to even think of something bad happening to the other. I fell in love with it because it was just so sweet how they changed and the way they handled one another *dreamy sigh* They may have started off as enemies but I have no doubt a lot of people wish in real life they had the type of love Quinn and Mark have. :-/

Like I said, there's a boat load of suspense and mystery. So much so it'd be hard to even mention it all because I'd most likely forget some of it. Let's just say there's everything from killing to meeting the family and everything in between in this one. Very, very entertaining.

Even though I did love it, I had a few problems with it. Like most readers, the repetitive scenes were a tad annoying and somewhat hard to get through in the beginning but during the second half of the book they weren't so bad because they didn't explain every little thing twice over like in the start of the book. Also, there was just a bit too much sex for my liking. It was hot as hell and I enjoyed it immensely! But, that still didn't stop me from thinking, "What? Again? Sheesh! You horny old dogs!" Lol

One thing I was disappointed wasn't addressed, though, was what people in the CIA and WBIS would have thought of if they found out Quinn and Mark were together? I would have liked to see how Quinn and Mark handled their employers finding out about their almost two year affair. Alas, no one knew besides Matheson and Mark handled that but we didn't actually see it so my thirst wasn't quenched on that topic. :-(

With that said, I wholeheartedly recommend this free read. It was a great book and even though it was long, it left me wanting more of Quinn and Mark and of the secondary characters as well...... And, um, would it be too much to ask for an HEA for Smitty and one for Max, too?! I'm looking forward to reading Matheson's and Theo's, though! :D