Like Pizza and Beer - Elle Parker I have to admit, I was hesitant to read this one because of the whole ex coming back into the picture theme. I'm not too fond of exes. In fact, I hate when they appear in my books. Thankfully, my lovely friend HC set me straight and basically told me to suck it up and read the thing... Kidding. Well, kinda.

Anyway, I'm really glad she reassured me it wouldn't be so bad because I absolutely loved this one as much as I loved [b:Like Coffee and Doughnuts|6516978|Like Coffee and Doughnuts (Dino Martini Mysteries, #1)|Elle Parker||6708807]. Dino and Seth make sure a wonderful couple. They are so funny and cute, I can't help but love them. We get to see more into their relationship and how Dino is struggling with coming out and how he still, whether consciously or subconsciously, makes an effort to not advertise their relationship while Seth is struggling with being a bit insecure and worrying Dino will go back to Gigi. It was interesting to see them still acting the same way they did before, as friends, but then there's that little intimacy that pops out every now and then that leads to some hot smexing ;-P

And, you know, the ex really wasn't that bad. Her and Dino are kind of old-fashioned, though, and I was always waiting for her to just fling away the damsel, but not damsel, in distress attitude and throw herself at Dino to get him back but she never did so I didn't have any problems with this one.

On top of us getting more Dino and Seth (and their freaking hilarious banter that I could never get enough of) we see more of Dino and Seth working as PIs. Well, Dino is working the PI part but Seth is working undercover and they are both trying to figure out who is sabotaging Dino's ex, Gigi. We also get to meet Seth's sister who I kind of liked. At first she's just this goody two-shoes but by the end of the book I really liked her (especially since she was throwing out her cheating asshole of a boyfriend. Damn she's got as hot a temper as Seth does!).

Overall, I thought it was a great continuation to the Dino Martini Mysteries. I can't wait for the next one! Definitely recommended.