Cody's Revelation - Lavinia Lewis 4.5 stars

I have to say, I enjoyed this one more than Luke's Surprise.

Cody and Stefan, I thought, were a great couple. Cody's the artistic omega while Stefan is the strong, confident alpha. I liked how they still had some quirks, though. Like Stefan had this adorable little thing he did whenever he was embarrassed or a bit nervous he'd look down at the ground. I just thought it was so cute. And I really liked how they met. I loved how shocked Cody was, I couldn't help but smile. I definitely like these two. I really liked Leah and Aaron, too. Aaron just cracked me up! Him and his teenage hormones gave this book a lightness to it I really enjoyed. I was hoping Aaron was Kelan's mate but I know he's not so I'm hoping one day Aaron gets his own book?! Please?!

Devlin, sheesh, Devlin was probably as crazy as Ethan was in Luke's Surprise but for a totally different reason. I mean, this psychotic idiot came all the way from New Mexico so he could fight Stefan. What kind of crazy person does that?! Anyway, he made the book liven up with suspense. I hated him. He was a greedy douche bag who only wanted more power and corrupted other people. Learning a bit more about the were society intrigued me a great deal because we didn't get much of that in Luke's book so seeing the Council and what happens when an alpha is challenged interested me a lot.

Although I did like the story, I had one or two questions. Why was all those people from Stefan's pack at Marianne's house? I thought it was just Stefan and John in town on business but then when Stefan and Cody went to Marianne's house there were a whole bunch of Stefan's pack there and that's how Cody found out Stefan was married so I was just curious why they were there? It was never explained. There was also a bit too much sex for my liking. And I was kind of hoping we'd get Cody and Stefan's POV of the ending of Luke's book where Luke finally meets Stefan and then what all happened with the car breaking down and Luke being kidnapped. But we didn't so I was a bit disappointed, I guess? Not really sure on that but I wanted to experience it from Stefan's POV and see how he took in Luke.

Overall, I quite liked this book. I thought it was a great continuation to the Shifter's Haven series. I'm looking forward to the others in the series. Definitely recommended :D