Wolfsbane - K.C. Burn 3.5 stars

I did like Adam and Carmichael even if I wanted to smack Carmichael 90% of the time. Carmichael was just a douche bag from the start. Although, I can kind of relate to why since it was just a knee-jerk reaction to get grouchy and pissy when something didn't go his way or caught him by surprise. It still pissed me off a little bit. Adam was... I can't think of a word but with all the shit he went through and what he did for his parents made me really like him. Not many people nowadays would just give up their whole lives to come home and take care of two Alzheimer patients. I mean literally give up their life. No social life, no school life, downgrade to a crappy job, all that. I found it admirable the sacrifice he made instead of just shipping his parents off to a home and not having to worry about it.

I have to say I did like this book but it dragged a bit in some places to where I was struggling to get through a chapter or two and on top of that, I was confused during the times it didn't drag. I got confused during the paranormal explanations and was left with some questions that weren't clarified enough for my liking. (HC does a good job of stating the questions I still have in her review). Then there was the sex. It was hot, especially the first scene and how Carmichael let Adam take his virginity, but they felt like they were extremely long to me and for someone who doesn't like to read a lot of sex in her stories, I was getting annoyed to say the least.

Overall, I enjoyed it even if I was a little peeved in some places. I'll read the next in the series hoping it answers the questions I have... I'm also hoping Oliver is gay because I want to know more about him ^_^