The Lonely War - Alan Chin I've been thinking on this review for days now but I just can't actually put into words what I'm feeling or what I want to say. However, I happen to think Emanuela's review does an awesome job of explaining everything you need to know about this novel.

It's not often I like books like this one. One's that are realistic in how they end. I need my HEA's like I need water and when I don't get them I get cranky and take off stars for it but there's just something about this book that made me overlook the fact it doesn't end on a good romantic note. In fact, it's questionable as to whether or not it ended on a good note at all. And I didn't mind that at all.

It rubbed me raw. I didn't cry (much). I didn't get angry. And even though I didn't let myself feel any of the characters emotions or feelings this book still rubbed me raw. It was devastating and exhilarating because I was hooked in the story. I wanted to know what happened next, how they were going to survive the war, what happens after the war and I got all my answers. I fell in love with the characters. Andrew is the main POV but we occasionally get glimpses of Mitchell's. Andrew and Tottori just burrowed their way into my heart and while I didn't like Mitchell all that much, Andrew loved him enough for me to at least like him. Lol

I know a lot of people don't want to read books that don't have HEAs and those people will probably skip right over this one but I strongly encourage you not to skip it. It was an exceptional read and I strongly advise everyone to give it a try.