Running Away to Home - Chris Owen It was great visiting Hound again. Him and Del seem like such a cute couple. They are both chatterboxes and can't stop talking when they are nervous unless you put their mouths to something else that's useful ;-P

I loved the book but, man, did it make me remember all the feelings I had while reading Bareback. This freaking book left me wanting to re-read it (NOT an easy task) and then since I didn't want to go through the hell of having every single feeling trampled on like I did while reading Bareback the first time, it left me jonesing for something that I do NOT like reading (like cheating and bittersweet endings) pouty-

Anyway, I did love this little story. Even with all the (un)happpy memories of Bareback, Del and Kevin (Hound) made me smile and go awwwwwwwww