Double Down (Shadow of the Templar, #2) - M. Chandler Another entertaining installment in the Shadow of the Templar series. It was still non-stop hilarity with these guys and their funny one-liners. I was either laughing so hard or holding my breath during the suspenseful moments. Templar's team are definitely a funny, silly bunch.

I really like the fact we see Simon as he's working and get the step by step explanation on what his actions for each job is going to be, how they are going to catch a thief and all that. It's kind of refreshing because most of the books that have a government agent in them don't really talk about the job and take us through them and it was great learning more about Jeremy and his background.

I will say that while this is an action series, there's not much romance. In fact, many people might not like Simon because of how he treats Jeremy. I say this because he doesn't do anything sappy and express his love for Jeremy or something equally romantic, he's just his usual arrogant, 'let's make fun of and mock the other guy', Simon and if I had to guess, I'd say he treats Jeremy the way he does because it's a defense mechanism to not get too attached to Jeremy and vice versa... and also because he doesn't want to make his teammates suspicious of anything happening between him and Jeremy so he puts on the 'verbal' abuse quite thick. Still, some people may not understand that and just think he's an asshole. All the same, I've given fair warning.

Overall, I'm loving this series so far. Simon and Jeremy and their odd relationship are some of my favorite characters. Their constant bantering and innuendos were highly amusing to me and I can't wait to read the next one. Absolutely recommended!