Blood and Fire - Mychael Black This was an alright, short story about a guy, Jason, who's a firestarter. He's a singer in a band and one night he starts getting the sensation that someone's watching him but he never sees anyone.

There isn't much depth to this book so we don't know much about the MCs other than what's on the surface. There's vague references to a past relationship of Jason's and we even meet the ex but I'm still not quite sure why they broke up. Then there's Julian, who's a vampire and basically been stalking Jason for who knows how long. All we know about him is when he was turned and his last name... That's about it.

I will say the MCs don't meet until a good way into the book. Like 60% or so. Jason also has sex with a few guys before they meet which I didn't really like reading because for one, the scene about the first guy didn't really seem like it furthered the story at all.. Then there was blow-job guy but Julian was lurking in the shadows when that one happened and I just don't understand why he didn't have a problem with blow-job guy but he had a bit of a problem with the ex...

Anyway, it was an okay story. Short and to the point with an HEA and all. A bit too much sex for such a short story but I didn't have a problem with it once it was just Julian and Jason.