Far Away Promises - Marianne Guenon To me, this is one of those books that had a lot of potential with a great plot and such but suffers from being decidedly too short. I loved everything about it, though. It grabbed my attention from the start and held it. The characters were likable, at least most of them, and it was just generally interesting.

Unfortunately, it was nowhere near as developed as it could have been. If the book was about 100 pages longer and everything was explained like the world, more details about both MCs backgrounds to flesh the characters out, more explanations about the incident with Varick 'running away' and all that, it would have been an awesome sci-fi book. However, since it was not, it felt way too rushed especially since the first half of the book was strictly contemporary with Cal being all dominate and then with no warning at all it switched to sci-fi and Cal was positively sweeter (at least outside of court).

Ultimately, because of how short it was, even though I really liked the story and it was a quick read, it's also easily forgettable. Still, I enjoyed what there was and if you're looking for something quick but still interesting with not much depth, give it a try.