Masks: Evolution  - Hayden Thorne This was a great continuation to the Masks series. It wasn't as funny as the first one - Rise of Heroes - but still highly entertaining even without Eric's obsession with blue.

I'll admit, Eric was a bit whiny at times but you have to remember he's also a teenager. If you have a problem with teen angst and him whinnying, then I must ask you why you are even bothering to pick up a book with teenagers as the MCs?

Anyway, I felt really bad for Eric. I mean, no one listened to him when he told them something was wrong in the first book and now it's come to bite them in their asses. I loved seeing Eric finally being a part of everything, though. Gives him a chance to see where the other superheroes and supervillains are coming from and go through. However, I wanted to beat the shit out of Peter. Like, dude, you have a boyfriend who you are too busy to go out on a date with, return messages to or even confide your problems to and 'apparently' still love but yet you have no trouble making time for the new superhero fire girl by talking to her all the time on the phone, telling her all your problems and thinking about asking her out to the movies. Like, WTF?! Asshole. So, yeah, I hated Peter in this one. He was just an inconsiderate jackass that snapped and yelled at Eric whenever Eric would ask a simple question or say anything.

I was a bit confused through some of the book because I kept asking questions about how this happened and why and all that but everything got explained in it's own time so by the end of the story all my questions were satisfied. I will also make it known that I'm glad Eric became a supervillain because I hate Peter right now and I think he deserves to get his ass beat by Eric's new powers. Hmph!

All in all, a great book. It may not seem like it but it was a fast read that had me glued to the pages. Definitely recommended. :)