The Amethyst Eye - Julia Talbot I really enjoyed this one. It was cute and sweet. I fell in love with both Jared and Dante. I'll admit it was a bit creepy how Dante was stalking Jared for so long and how even though Jared was scared of Dante, he was like a moth to a flame anytime Dante was near but ultimately fascinating how Jared always knew when Dante was close just by smell and sound alone. Still, I loved how Jared was blind but still functional. He was completely independent and confident as well. It was interesting to say the least.

I just wished it had been longer. I loved Jared and Dante but I wanted to know more. What happens next? Jared is now in a new world with how Dante is a vampire and such. Does Dante turn Jared? So, yeah, while I really loved it, it was way too short.

However, ff you're looking for something short and cute, give this one a try, it'll leave a smile on your face.