Evan's Heaven - Nicki Bennett This book is a bit different compared to other books. It revolves around Mac who's away from Evan, his lover, because of a movie he's filming. It's their one year anniversary and since Mac and Evan can't celebrate together, Evan sends Mac a package full of fond memories they've shared together and as Mac is taking things out of the package, he reminisces the memory attached to each item. So, yes, that means there are flashbacks.

I couldn't really get into the book, though. It didn't much work for me because we only saw the scenes in which they were pampering each other. We didn't get anything from them getting to know each other or just having dinner together or even just talking in general unless it was about what Mac's director wanting him to wax or color his hair or if it was Evan explaining what he was going to do to Mac next.

Also, there was just way too much sex for my liking. And even though it wasn't meant that way, I found it kind of funny how Evan kept using spa treatments and turning them into kinky sex with whatever he was using in his treatments on Mac and he loved doing it because it turned him on like when he paint Mac's toe nails blue or when Mac painted his burgundy. I have to admit, I started skimming after the second sex scene because by then it was just too much for me. Sex every chapter, no matter how erotic or kinky it is using different 'spa treatments', is just too much for me so I ended up skipping more than half the book.

Needless to say, I didn't much like it. I probably wouldn't have had a problem with so much sex if there had been some attempt at showing they were getting to know each other outside their sex lives but there wasn't so not really my cup of tea, ya know? I will say, the idea around the story is cute but not all fond memories have to revolve around sex :-/

Bit of a warning, though - Evan's got some kinky (and unusual to some people) fetishes. Most of them revolving around things like manicures, pedicures, waxing, exfoliating, make-up, massages, full body wraps and even some dabbling in feminine clothes, with a bit of BDSM and puppy play to boot. He likes to pamper Mac and treat him to all the pleasures that can be found at his spa with 'spa treatments' and making them into kinky sex scenes.