Passion - M.L. Rhodes 3.5 stars

I think for part of the book, I was hovering around a 3, possibly a 2, but the ending I thought was just so cute (even if a bit clich├ęd), I had to bump it up to a 3.5, rounded up.

This is your standard opposites attract story. Where one of them is a fuck up, college drop out (Jesse) and the other is a rich, too-good-for-anyone type of man (Robert). Then there's the added bonus of both men having severe issues. Robert hurts deeply because he can't trust in love so he's lived a majority of his life alone. Jesse is a guilt-ridden man unable to believe he's good enough to be loved because of his past crimes. So, in a sense, they are both fucked up guys.

They've been eying each other for months now, watching the other closely but unable to make the first move until Robert has, if I may say so myself, an extremely shitty day. However, when Jesse finds out Robert's care is totaled, he offers to drive him home and because of the snow storm, he gets stuck at Robert's house for the weekend. They get closer, love sparks and everything seems great. Until Jesse leaves quietly in the middle of the night. Now Robert has a decision to make. Live through the pain of spending the rest of his life alone or going after Jesse and try working through both of their hangups.

This book started off great. I immediately fell into it, eating up the pages trying to figure out what happens next. About halfway through, it started to tapper off for me which is when the sex hit. Not to say it wasn't hot or anything just that, well, after reading an awesome YA book, sex was the last thing I wanted to read. It did pick up again towards the end which I found majorly sweet. I did love Jesse and Robert. You get both of their inner monologues so you know how much they are both desperately wanting one another. I will say, not much happens in the book. There's no suspense or action or anything besides these two men getting together and getting over their inhibitions.

All in all, I did like the story. It was captivating during the parts I enjoyed and I'm looking forward to reading the sequel. Recommended.