Audition - Thom Jaymes This book was über-short. A very quick read about a music artist interviewing bodyguards to take over the position of the one he just fired for stealing. The final interviewee turns out to be the perfect match not only for the position of bodyguard but also for something much more personal.

I really enjoyed the story. The first few pages you get dumped with a lot of information about why Adrian is interviewing bodyguards and his life story. Then you meet Duke and from there it's a quick and easy sex scene.

To me, this read more like an excerpt than an actual story which honestly sucks because I like the premise of it. While I did enjoy the story, it wasn't nearly as satisfying as if this would have had another 100 pages tacked onto it so we could get more than just the one scene about Duke and Adrian and maybe see them actually get to know each other and how they make their relationship work since they are employee and employer.