Kelan's Pursuit - Lavinia Lewis I have mixed feelings about this one but honestly, this is my least favorite in the series.

Jake, I think, will be a hard character for some to like. On one hand, some will sympathize with him because he was hurt badly years ago and that's why he acts the way he does but on the other hand, he is just a complete fucking douche bag and no matter how much someone hurt you that doesn't give you the right to be an arrogant asshole to everyone else and using your friends. A slut I can understand, an asshole? No way, man. With that said, I think Kelan deserved better than Jake. I felt like if Jake wasn't being a prick, he was crying 'poor me, I got burned by love'. Needless to say, I didn't like him much.

The book opens up to Jake getting a blow-job by a guy he can't even remember the name of (Cary), even though he's hooked up with him multiple times, kicking him out faster than it takes for the sweat to dry. The next night, Jake ditches his friend Tony to go home with Kelan. After just one night (more like half a night, really) Jake knows Kelan is a wolf and kicks him out because he's gotten hurt by a wolf in the past. The next day, Kelan starts his pursuit of Jake. Now it's up to Kelan to persuade Jake what they have is real and getting him to give Kelan a chance to prove it. Add into effect Jake has a stalker bent on harming him, a cat shifter that's in need of some protection and you get a mostly suspenseful story.

I have to admit, the first half of the book wasn't to my liking. Meeting Jake the way we do left a bad taste in my mouth so it took me a while to get invested in the story but eventually Kelan and Jake warmed up to me so by the time all the action starts happening I liked Jake enough to tolerate him. (Although, why he thinks he can just say sorry for all his past douche-bagginess and think that'd be enough to make amends blows my freaking mind.)

With that said, though, I still had some problems with the book. For one, there was still too much sex. At least for me. I've felt this way about the whole series so far, though, so if you've liked the amount of sex in the previous books then you'll have no problems with this one. Also, my questions about Rick and Kelan's feelings still stand. It's cleared up Rick is dead but what's going to happen to Rick's family now? It just said his brother is moving back and Kelan gave him a job but didn't Rick have other family? How does the pack feel about what Rick did? Do they blame Kelan for not giving Rick financial help? How did Kelan feel about what his beta did to Luke? Considering this is Kelan's book, I expected for those to be answered but nothing regarding anything that happened in Luke's book was addressed besides a few quick lines about the brother moving back. Then there's the questions about if Kelan is in New York, who is leading the pack? Also, Kelan makes a comment about needing to get home because there's trouble with the pack but what sort of trouble? Rick trouble? Why wasn't that elaborated on? Isn't Jake even kind of curious about pack life? We don't get much about Kelan in the whole book because it's mostly just about getting to know Jake, which means Jake knows next to nothing about Kelan besides he's an alpha wolf from Texas. I know we already know all about Kelan but Jake doesn't. I was hoping to see some interaction between the two getting to know each other. Instead we only see that happening from Jake. Then there's the whole Cary thing. I liked Cary. He's sweet and broken but he's already mated and he's going to be Aaron's mate. How is that possible? Cary even states himself you only get one mate. Then there's the whole them having sex with other people. I thought if you were mated you were repulsed by hooking up with others but other than that you didn't want to do it anyway but yet Cary's done it not only with Jake but also the bartender, Andre. How is that possible? Does the one and only rule not apply to cat shifters?

All in all, I did like a majority of the story. It started off not so good but by the end I was drawn in and invested in it. I think those readers who've liked the series so far with like this one as well.