The Lord's Tale - Sue  Brown I think this one is my favorite out of the whole series. I felt it had a nice balance between the romance and the curse. Whereas The Psychic's Tale focused a majority on the curse and The Soldier's Tale focused mostly on the romance this one fell right in the middle which appealed to me a lot.

I have to admit, Phil was a complete douche-bag in the beginning. *cough* Okay, for most of the book *cough*. He's very pessimistic and holds a lot of anger and jealousy towards Daniel and Mark. However, I also think some of that anger and jealousy was because he channeled Sir Belevedere unconsciously. But, really, he was just an asshole. Lee, aww, he was just so cute! I loved that he was such a bossy top. It was a nice change since Lee is smaller and shorter than Phil so it gave the story something unique you don't see often enough, IMO. Especially since, even though Phil was taller and bigger, Lee was the one to offer comfort to Phil and cuddle Phil against his chest whenever he felt like it. It was very sweet, to me.

It was interesting to see how the curse is finally broken. Any questions I had in the previous two books were settled in this one with a bit of drama but was ultimately entertaining. I don't want to go into detail about how it's done, though, because I don't want to give it away but I really liked how Ms. Brown pulled it off and got the curse to end. Of course, Phil was a bit dramatic along with being an asshole which I have no doubt some people will not like but I really enjoyed it especially since Lee and he fit together quite well.

Overall, I'd imagine anyone who's liked the previous two books will enjoy this one as well. Definitely recommended.