With a Bullet (Shadow of the Templar, #3) - M. Chandler This one is a bit conflicting for me and it's probably my least favorite out of the whole series. I debated between giving it four stars and giving it three. There were some good parts to it and then there were some completely annoying 'let's get this over with already' parts. *sigh* Ultimately, I was just so aggravated, I couldn't give it more than 3. :-(

The most enjoyable parts to it were Simon and Jeremy. Simon gets shot by some psychotic guy and when Jeremy gets a call letting him know Simon is injured he flies back to the States. Then he gets to play nursemaid to Simon until he gets better. I will say this book most likely has the least amount of romance between Simon and Jeremy out of the three I've read so far but it's kind of hard to say.. It feels like it had less romance than the other two books. Granted, there is a few extremely sweet moments I just couldn't help but gobble up and say 'awwwwww' but it just didn't feel like there was much of Simon and Jeremy in the book at all... Kind of disappointing if you ask me. And here's where my conflicting feelings come in.

While the story may revolve around Simon getting shot and capturing the person who shot him, it didn't feel like Simon or Jeremy were the main characters. No, Sandy and Mike were the main characters. More often than not I felt like I was reading an action novel with a side of straight romance (and sometimes it felt more straight romance with a love-triangle than action) than the usual action novel with a side of gay romance I've been expecting out of this series. It was extremely disappointing because while the action is nice, I'm mainly reading it because of Simon and Jeremy. Instead, I get Sandy and Mike. If I had to guess, I'd say in the whole novel we only got Simon and Jeremy's POVs 20-30 times out of the 96+ chapters. The rest of the POVs were from the rest of the team. Mainly from Sandy and Mike. The reason I'm giving it three stars is because I was so annoyed and aggravated with Sandy's jealousy over Mike and Diana that it dimmed my enjoyment over the book a lot. She sounded whiny and bitchy to me and Mike was just a fucking idiot. How could he not see what Diana was doing? Like seriously? Stop thinking with your fucking dick, you moron. Anyway, like I was saying. Sandy was jealous of just about fucking everyone. It was so annoying I had to stop reading a time or two because it seemed pointless to me. Then there were the times when every single little detail between Mike and Diana (who's the lawyer of the psycho who shot Simon) was explained that I had to wonder why it was so necessary to put it all in the book? Yeah, I get it needed to show Diana was a lying bitch and all but why did every single little detail between them have to be explained and then explained again when Mike or Sandy were telling Simon about what happened? It just made me angry because hello?! What the fuck happened to Simon and Jeremy?! Can I get a little more of them, please?!

Aside from Sandy and Mike being whiny bitches, it dragged in places because of them. I wanted to shot them both to make them shut up. I also didn't think it was as funny as the previous two books. In the other books, Mike is fucking hilarious but in this one he was just... annoying and idiotic. At least in the other books he was funny and idiotic. The only parts I found funny were in the scenes involving Simon and Jeremy.. and occasionally Nate, Johnny and Dave. Then there was the fact that this book isn't much like the first two books because there's only a few spurts of action and it's mostly at the end. The rest of the book is, again, most of Sandy's jealousy. :(

I will say that I did love Nate, Johnny and Dave (in addition to Simon and Jeremy). Nate was a bit of an asshole to Dave in the beginning but he warmed up to the new guy and started liking him and I thought the new guy was just adorable and I love his new nickname! And the epilogue was extremely hilarious. Johnny was his usual grunting self, I can't help but love him even though he never does anything interesting. Lol. Although there is this awesome scene with his piece of shit car and a barn which was just totally cool.

As you've probably realized, I've ranted a bit about Sandy. I just can't help it, she was so fucking annoying! I don't know what it is lately but I haven't been very fond of female characters when they get a turn in POVs. They just make me want to claw my eyes out because they all seem like whiny, jealous bitches. I'm reading m/m here, I don't want freaking females telling it. No way, man. Axe them from the story please. Or at least don't give them a turn in POVs! Please?!

All in all, I probably would have liked this story better if Simon and Jeremy were in it more and all the crap with Sandy's jealousy and Mike and Diana would have been cut out or at least cut in half. All that overly detailed shit just seemed unnecessary to me. It might have been a bit crucial to the story but it wasn't that crucial and it didn't have to be explained that much.

So, yeah. If you are looking to read this series, I definitely recommend it. The first two in the series - The Morning Star and Double Down - were awesome books and super funny. This book? Eh, it was alright. Not my favorite. I'd advise to read it if you are going to continue the series but I think you have a right to know you might get aggravated. :-/