Hunter and the Hawk - Gale Stanley 2.5 stars - WARNING COMMENTS ARE FILLED WITH SPOILERS!

Argh, this one was so difficult to rate. I liked the book but there was some things I didn't like at all and some things I didn't feel were ever resolved.

I liked Aidan and I liked Hunter. Although Hunter was a big asshole a time or two but given he's a wolf and he's still grieving over his lost mate, I can push that aside. They are a good couple and they fall in love quickly because they form a symbiotic bond which is like a soul mate bond created by shared fluids. Kind of.

I liked the story especially since it's a bit different from other stories with inter-species matings. For one, this isn't just the run of the mill mating where a vampire and a wolf mate and then they fight off the prejudices from their packs and clans. No, this time it's a bit different because not only are there prejudices between the species but once Aidan and Hunter mated, they both started to change. Aidan taking on traits of a wolf and Hunter taking on traits of a vampire. It was fascinating. Something you don't see much in the overabundance of paranormals out there.

With that said I had problems with the book. IMHO, there was too much sex. Yes, they were kind of quick scenes but it was too much for such a short story. I could have overlooked that, though. My biggest problem with this story was the m/f content. Yeah, okay, there is a warning on the publishers sight and I can handle m/f when I need to but this is m/m, there should not be m/f in m/m if I had any say. That is the whole reason I read m/m is because I don't want females in my stories. But the one thing anyone looking to read this needs to know, that the publisher never specified on, is that this particular female Hunter has sex with is 17 years old! I can handle underage guys hooking up with older guys because, to me, there is a difference in the part that I know they will be underage. This I couldn't really handle. This teenage girl is hooking up with a guy more than twice her age and wants to mate him? On top of that, I felt it had no relevance to the story at all. In fact, I would have liked the story a lot more if they never had sex at all or at least Hunter tried to stop them from having sex. No, instead Hunter just goes along with it and then justifies it as having sex with her to keep her quiet about his vampire bites... Uh, hello, Hunter? She's a teenager female she lives to gossip! Especially to the alpha!

Anyway, that ruined my enjoyment of the story. And then on top of that, the story ends so abruptly, nothing is even solved. I can understand the part with the alpha not being solved, considering this is the first in a series, but I'd at least like for the part with Grace being Hunter's soon-to-be mate to be solved. So, I felt kind of disappointed with that because if the sex with Hunter and Grace would have been left out of the story, this would have been a good book for me but as it is, I only liked bits and pieces of it and just wanted it over with. So, I'm sorry, I can't recommend this book and I'm not sure I'll read the rest of the series I'll read it one day since I already bought it but probably not anytime soon. At least not until I have some definite answers to the questions I have and know for a fact there won't be anymore fucking females. :-/