He Completes Me - Cardeno C. 3.5 stars

I've been trying to think of a review for this book for a few days now but it's extremely hard for me. As with the rest of the series I've read, there are things I liked about the book and there are things I didn't like about the book. So, instead of just ranting like I've done with Where He Ends and I Begin and Love at First Sight, I'm just going to link to a few other reviews that cover basically what I want to say. So, check out Rossy's review, Gwengwel's review and Kassa's review. They do a pretty good job of summing the book up.

This has to be my favorite out of the series, though. Mostly because instead of the 'perfect', kind, sweet, loveable characters that were in the other books, this one actually has a character who is the complete opposite. Zach is brash, blunt, kind of emotionally messed up and an asshole. I liked him because of that. He doesn't give a shit what others think and when he feels hurt he reacts badly to everything, bringing forth all his asshole tendencies. He makes stupid decisions when he feels like he's being slighted in some way. That's why I liked the book. Of course, Zach ends up becoming mushy like almost every other character in the series but I liked him when he was a bastard while it lasted.

Unfortunately, Zach is also why I didn't like some of the story. He made some choices (that were stupid and idiotic, IMO) that put me off the book. Yeah, I still liked him but I didn't like how it was handled in the story. Basically, Aaron pores his heart out to Zach, tells him he loves him and that he wants to make a relationship work. Zach agrees that he wants to try it as well and they go out on a date. Dinner and a party. Well, they get to the party and Zach starts getting drunk. He sees Aaron talking to this other guy and gets jealous so what does he do? Goes and has a menage with a few other guys. Um, yeah, that's like cheating in my eyes. I mean, how can you go to a party with a guy (it's a date after all) and knowing that this guy is in love with you, go and have sex with a few other people? Um, yeah, buddy, that's just fucked up. Now, I can handle cheating when I need to. I was blindsided by it but I could have handled it. What made the whole matter worse was Aaron knew all about it. He picked Zach up when Zach was down, took him home, cared for him and acted like nothing happened. After that, Zach goes home and they never talk about it EVER again. It was just swept under the rug... Now what was the point of even putting that in there if the author wasn't even going to use it to it's full advantage? I wanted feelings from Aaron. I wanted a big blow up about how Aaron is the victim. Instead it felt like Zach was the victim. But whatever. That's what I didn't like about the book which put me kind of off the rest of the book. Wow, so much for not ranting! Lol. There were a few other things I didn't like about the book but if I stated all of them it'd look like I didn't like the story (which I did!) but my rant would totally contradict that statement.

Anyway, I read a few reviews before reading this one (Granted it was a while ago but I still read them) and in none of the reviews I read, nobody mentioned any of the things I had a problem with. Like for instance, THE HEADCASE SCENE (aptly named by Rossy) was never mentioned by any reviewer. Were Rossy and I the only ones who had a problem with it? (Btw, THE HEADCASE SCENE is the scene in the spoiler brackets above). But again, there were a few other scenes Rossy and I had a problem with and NO ONE stated anything about them. It was WEIRD! No one else had any problem with the story besides it being too sweet and too perfect? Argh. Maybe it was because Rossy and I decided to read the series back to back and because of that were overloaded with too much sweetness while other readers weren't so they didn't nitpick things from the book. I don't know but if you want to know what all we had problems with, check out Rossy and my comments on our Reading Progresses. I think we might have even been ranting about them on our Reading Progresses for Where He Ends and I Begin and Love at First Sight as well but I can't remember.

Overall, I think anyone who likes this series will like this one as well. Although, if you are one of those people who hate being blindsided by some things, I definitely advise you to check out Rossy and my comments. They tell all. (Gah, so much for not writing a long review! Damnit)