South of the Border (Crimes & Cocktails, #.5) - Laura Baumbach First things first, I feel like this 'book' is a rip off. For one, it's just barely over 3,000 words so it's more like an excerpt than a 'book' and two, I think this book has more ads and other crap at the end than it actually does of the story. See, I read this on my Kindle for PC and there was only five pages of the actual story. Whereas there are eight and a half pages of other crap.

Anyways! I really enjoyed revisiting Gabriel and Antonio again. It's been a while since I read Mexican Heat so it was nice revisiting these guys. Granted, this is basically one sex scene. Which, surprisingly, I didn't mind because it was a sweet scene with a hot tub and I just love how Gabriel is all embarrassed about showing his feelings towards Antonio.

It was very cute. I'm really, really, really hoping Ms. Baumbach is actually writing the sequel to Mexican Heat because I miss these two like crazy and now on top of wondering about Antonio's family, I'm wondering about this 'favor' for Briggs.