Home Again - Cardeno C. And it happens again that I can't write a worthy review for my feelings without it turning into just a full fledged rant. Again, I liked the book but again there were things I didn't like about it. So, to read a coherent review, check out Kassa's review because it explains everything you need to know about the book.

One thing I liked about this series (but also hated) is how with each book there is a different writing style. In this one, it is in 1st person with Noah as the 'present' voice and Clark as the 'past' voice.

While I liked Noah and Clark (more Noah because he's like Zach from HCM where he's kind of an asshole who doesn't give a shit about what people think) I preferred reading about the past events than the present ones. For one, Noah and Clark seem much smarter and mature in the past than they do in the present. Either way, I enjoyed half the book because of the 'past' while the 'present' I just didn't really care about. I also liked how we see their relationship develop. It was such a nice change from the insta-love half the series is about.

I didn't like the conflict in the book. To me, it seemed stupid and if you don't already know, the conflict is about Noah cheating on Clark. It was an idiotic decision on Noah's part and proved to me that the 'past' Noah and Clark seemed to be more mature than the 'present' Noah and Clark. Plus, the conflict was so predictable, I had to roll my eyes as soon as there was even a hint at what broke these two up. I hated how Clark was the one apologizing and putting all the blame on himself for what happened instead of laying it at Noah's feet where it should have been. Noah's the one that caused it all because he was gullible. Noah should take the blame fully.

So, yeah. I liked the story and the cheating wasn't all that bad because I knew about it before hand but there were some things about it that just bugged me. This author seems to have a tendency to either sweep problems under the rug or have them be blamed on the party that's actually the victim.

All in all, as mean as it is to say, I'm extremely happy I'm done with this series. Even though I enjoyed it (kind of), it got on my nerves a lot I most likely won't read anything else by this author (sorry!) but it's not a definite 'no'. I'll just need to be in a sugary sweet type of mood or else I will probably hate anything else by C.C. :-/