The Swap - Devon Rhodes I quite enjoyed this one. It was cute, sweet and short. Just the perfect book I needed after reading something I didn't totally enjoy.

I loved Tommy and Jim. Tommy is one of those cute guys who babble when they are nervous (I love those guys!) so I fell in love with Tommy right away. Jim was extremely sweet, willing to give up his job because he didn't want Tommy to (1) be stuck without a job since he just bought a new house and (2) have Tommy start getting depressed again since Tommy is just now starting to liven up after his divorce.

I really, really liked this one. The only thing is, it's too short. I think it needed a few dozen more pages and while I liked the story with the sexual tension, I still wanted more of these guys. I wanted a few questions I had to be answered. Like 'What's going to happen now?' those types of answers.

All in all, definitely recommended. I hope Ms. Rhodes is thinking of writing a sequel because I'd love to have more of Tommy and Jim.