Fair Game - Josh Lanyon I absolutely loved this book. Josh Lanyon always knows how to draw me into a book faster than any other author.

I loved Elliot and Tucker. The sexual tension between them was so strong, I was able to envision it. I loved how they both felt like they were slighted in what happened when they broke up, right after Elliot got injured. They both were still sore about what happened with their 'relationship' and it was fascinating seeing both of them cope with having to work together while battling the feelings they still have for each other.

The mystery was a great one. I had my suspicions of who is was going to be around the 35% mark but wasn't absolutely positive on who it was until about the 70% mark. So, it was a great mystery, suspenseful and even though Elliot is disabled, it was still action-packed.

Overall, thoroughly enjoyed this one. I'd love to see more of Elliot and Tucker. Then again, I always want to see more of JL's characters. Maybe one day my dream will come true! :D Definitely recommended.