Prisoner (Kria, #1) - Megan Derr Prisoner takes place in three different locations and is told by at least seven different people. Also, let me forewarn you, unless you read this in pdf (or paperback or maybe kindle), you’re going to get confused with some parts. The reason I say this is because when I converted mine, it took out words in italics, breaks between pov changes, stuff like that. Another thing you should know, Prisoner is most definitely not a traditional romance. Yes, Dieter and Beraht end up together in the end but in no way do you even get a hint of a romance between them until a few chapters toward the end of the story. But that just gives this book more of an appeal to me.

A lot of stuff happens in Prisoner and could be a little overwhelming to some because you get detailed descriptions on three different cultures. I happen to absolutely love this book, and have read it three times, for a couple of reasons.

First, I love the fantasy aspect of the book (fantasy junkie, that's me!). You have the different world vibe with a magical feeling to it, with completely different cultures and I love that. This book also pushes every button I have when it comes to m/m. It has a little cruelty/abuse, a hostage/revenge situation, Stockholm syndrome, an opposites attract theme, some action, no smexing, and best of all an HEA. *sigh*

Now, I say cruelty/abuse lightly because it’s not as if Dieter beats Beraht at every chance, only when Beraht won’t shut up and pisses Dieter off too much but the bickering between the two is kind of cute and while the abuse may last the whole story, it’s sporadic, so it in no way dominates the book.

What I liked most about the story, though, was the little oddities like the Salharan obsession with names. They have a saying they live by: ‘Names are power. Power of life. Power of death. Do not give a name lightly. Do not take a name lightly. Do not share a name lightly. Do not speak a name lightly.’ To me, this gives the story more of uniqueness to it because of those little details. I also liked the Krian obsession with swords. They name their swords after the ones they love because they know they will die and when they do, they’ll die with the person they love beside them.

To me, it’s unbelievable cute because Dieter was the most infamous person in Kria and people feared him but he didn’t have a name for his sword. Until one day, when he’s training some Illussors and they ask him what the name of his sword is, he says ‘bright’. Beraht means ‘bright’ in Krian. Awwwww, isn’t that sweet?. Hehe.

So, to make a long story short. This is an awesome book. I’m hoping there’s a sequel, if not of Beraht and Dieter then set in the same world (which I think there is one). Some people might not like it for many reasons but my suggestion is to just try it. I loved it, some other people have loved it and you never know, you might love it, too. :-P

For major spoilers, go here.