Loving Luki Vasquez - Lou Sylvre I really enjoyed this one. I really liked both Sonny and Luki (love that name!) a lot. Sonny is kind of a recluse and doesn't know how to act around some people so he falls back on a kind of rude attitude when he doesn't know what to do. Luki is a bit messed up emotionally. He got seriously injured and scarred when he was young and ever since then he's made himself into the coldest, badass there is to find. One who never lets anyone close but is silently bleeding on the inside. It takes a special person like Sonny to see Luki is a beautiful person, inside and out, and one Luki can give himself to, scars and all, and still be loved for who he is. He needs someone like Sonny and Sonny needs someone like Luki. They complete each other. It's very sweet and they both have the same sense of humor (even if I didn't get it most of the time ^_^)

I loved the suspense. At first, I got caught up in the story because of the awkward, sexual tension between Sonny and Luki. Neither of them knew how to handle their feelings for each other because they've never let themselves be put in a situation where they could fall in love. As soon as the mystery and suspense started entering the story, though, I was caught up in who'd want to do this? Why would they do it? Why target Luki and Sonny? All those questions every reader no doubt thinks about when the mystery finally starts in the story. I was swept along on their trail, anticipating what was going to happen next and why. I was hanging on the edge of my seat not just with figuring out who was playing with Sonny and Luki but also with Sonny and Luki's relationship itself. I really loved it.

While I did love the story because the characters were great and the mystery was catching, I had some trouble with it. For one, the writing was stilted in some places, almost like the author didn't fully develop the sentence which confused me at times. It's kind of hard to explain because it's not that the sentence was incomplete, just that it would be one or two word sentences with no explanation, or further explanation, to the sentence.

Generally, when a book doesn't delve deep into the characters backgrounds/pasts I can look past it. However, when the story vaguely hints at things about the characters past, it's hard for me to just ignore it when their past isn't fully talked about. That probably sounds confusing but to put it simply, the author has Sonny do and say things that hint of a horrible, or if not horrible at least not pleasant, past. Unfortunately, Sonny's past is never disclosed which leaves me question after question about him. Thankfully, though, most of Luki's past is explained. After all, the story is about him and what did happen when he was little as well as why he's in this certain situation now. Still, I felt a little deprived of Sonny's background especially since things in the book lead me to believe his wasn't the most dandy of childhoods.

While the ending wasn't necessarily abrupt, and God knows I really did like it, it left me even more questions aside from Sonny's past. Like: What happens now? Do Jackie and Josh have a mom? Or since Luki is essentially their uncle are they going to live with him? What about Sonny and Luki's relationship? Luki is moving to Washington State but are they moving in together? Is Mariano really dead? Why did Luki puke all the time? For most of the book I thought he was raped when he was younger and that's why he puked but he never was, he was just permanently scarred but why would that make him puke all the time? Unless it's some weird PTSD type thing. I'm just confused on that.

All in all, though. I really liked this book. It hooked me in from the beginning and I didn't want to stop reading once I started and I hope we get to see more of Luki and Sonny one day because I'd love to know where they go from here. Definitely recommended.