Revelations - Brannan Black If you've read the first book in the Wolfman series, Apocalypse, then you'll know this series isn't something light. It's violent and gritty and primitive because that is how the world is in this post-apocalyptic setting.

Just like the first in the series, I loved this one just as much. Whereas, Apocalypse is set around the Pack, Revelations is set around Dan's side of life and we see how the humans are able to survive on their own without any help from Beasts as well as how they defend themselves. It was very fascinating because it's much different than how Mace's Pack lives.

I really did love it because while Mace may not be human, and is dangerous, he's still an honorable guy. Mace is brutal and rough with Dan but I loved that because while he was rough, he was gentle and made sure he didn't seriously injure Dan. Something I was really happy about was finding out Stephen Mason is who Mace used to be. I was curious and desperately hoping the Mason Dan was referring to in the first book was the same guy he was captured by and I was so glad when we found out it was! Especially since Mace 'dreams' of a few times Dan and him were together before the world went to crap.

Overall, this book is a nice, refreshing change from the other m/m books out there. If you're looking for something short and out of the norm with a rough, gritty and violent setting, this is definitely your kind of book. Absolutely recommended.