Back to the Dream   - Felicitas Ivey One thing I love about this series is the world building. At times it's confusing and a bit overwhelming but to me, who's a fantasy lover, it's amazing. Some things aren't quite as explained as I'd like them to be but I'm still in love with the world.

This one takes place roughly a year after Dreamlands and shows Keno and Samo as a couple in love. It's easy to see the love, desire and trust between the two and how much living in the Dreamlands is good for Keno. Keno is like a whole new man, he's healthy, confident (at least when he's dressed like Sakura) and lives a life where he doesn't feel fear every single day. He's still his cute and adorable self but much better now. Samo has grown, too. He's much more likable now since he's happy he has his Keno back.

I loved the story, I really did. It was great seeing Keno and Samo again. There were, however, some things I had a problem with. While the beginning was interesting, it dragged for a little while, would pick up again, and then drag for a bit only for the story to pick up again. I think that had more to do with certain POVs than it did with the story.

Speaking of POVs, I felt the story didn't revolve around Keno and Samo anymore. Sure, they were still in it and we still got their POVs but the story seemed more about Tama (who's a woman) and Mason than anyone else. So at times I felt like I was reading a m/f romance instead of a m/m romance and while I like Tama and Mason just fine, I really wanted this to be more about Keno and Samo and figuring out how their relationship would work with Keno's family and the trouble of the war. Instead, I got a lot of Tama's and Mason's thoughts and the overabundance of sexual tension between them plus a lot of flirting. I didn't really like it. Yes, the war and the conflict was an interesting one but I think it would have been more interesting seeing it from Keno and Samo's POVs than from Tama and Mason's. That's just my opinion.

Aside from feeling like the MCs were Tama and Mason, I was a bit disappointed when it came to a few scenes. I wanted them to be explained and shown because it would have helped understanding who Keno is and what powers he holds but those scenes were just glossed over. For example, Tama stated Keno was the one who saved them from drowning and brought them to the village where Mason, Wolf and McGann were but how did he do it? When they escaped the village, there was this whole fuss about how the barrier would be extremely difficult to pass through and how they needed a shaman to cross. Multiple characters started how hard it is to cross but then Tama gets this idea how to cross, which I think involved Keno, but then the whole thing is glossed over so (1) you have no idea how they crossed and (2) you have no idea how it involved Keno or his magic. It was disappointing. I wanted a book about Keno and Samo to see Keno grow into his powers but instead I got a whole shit load of Tama and Mason flirting instead. Yeah, she needed to get her kuni back but we could have easily known everything about that from either Keno or Samo's POV by having other characters explain things to them if they didn't already know it.. Then there's the ending that just leaves me with more questions about Keno and his powers.

Overall, while I did enjoy the story, it wasn't as good as the first in the series. I don't much mind the alternating first person but I mind it when it's no longer about the 'supposed' main characters and pushes me believe the blurb is a bit misleading. With that said, I do recommend this book only because I do love the series, just this one was not my favorite and I'm desperately hoping the next book in the series is actually about Keno and Samo and exploring Keno's powers.