Keeping House - Lee Brazil I really enjoyed this one. It was cute, short and sweet with a little bit of an edge to it. I loved both MCs because they were basically polar opposites.

I wished it were a bit longer so we could have gotten to know them a bit more. Otherwise, the only thing that didn't fit the story was the epilogue. Just kind of came out of the blue and didn't seem like it should have been part of the story. Not that it was bad or anything! Just that I felt like between the last chapter and epilogue there was a huge gap missing with things I would have liked to see them talk about and because there wasn't anything on it, I kind of got thrown off with what happens.

Still! I really enjoyed it. Next book in the series is a menage with twins and even though I don't like menages, I'm still gonna read it because of the twins ^_^ Recommended.