Bent - Not Broken - Carol Lynne I love the Cattle Valley series but I didn't much like this one. Surprisingly, it's not even because of the girly bits but because of Trick. Shocker! I know. :P

It took me a while to actually read this one because of the girly bits so I ended up just skipping it and moving on with the series but I finally came back and read it. I liked Carol. I thought it was about time she had her HEA. She's snarky which I really like. I liked George and I liked Trick... okay, I mostly liked George and didn't really care for Trick.

Anyway! I think what didn't work for me on this one is how Carol and George were the ones basically crawling to Trick and pleading to be in a relationship. They were essentially groveling to Trick. I didn't like that. Trick is the one who hurt everyone, mainly George, by putting himself first for decades and sleeping with every girl he could have while on tour. Then all of a sudden, George decides to move on and Carol enters the picture.... That's when Trick decides to change his ways... I didn't like that at all... George had been with Trick for 19 years being a selfish asshole and doesn't even think of changing until a woman enters the picture? Asshole. I'm glad Carol is having George's baby and not Tricks because no doubt that child would be as selfish and egotistical as his father. Ugh.

The only thing I liked about this book were the parts with just Carol and George. After Trick starting coming into the book more and more, I felt like it was all about him and Carol. Whenever there was a sex scene, I felt like it was just Carol and Trick. For Christ sake, whenever there was actually a three-way it was Trick entering Carol while George entered Trick. Yeah, I like my m/m but I still think George got fucked over in that relationship and not in the good way. :-/

Still, I love this series so I'll recommend it. Although, I don't think this book is essential to read if you just want to skip it :(