In the Flesh - Ethan Stone 3.5 stars

It's very hard for me to rate this one because of various reasons and I honestly wish GR had half star options right now because it's neither a three or four star for me and I didn't really want to choose between which one to use. But I was forced to *dramatic sigh*

Anyway, I never warmed up to either MC. Flesh is just an asshole slut. He's extremely stupid and idiotic. Reminds me a lot of Jory from A Matter of Time except for even worse because he's more of a slut. Colby, I'm not really sure if I like him. I mean, I do but I don't. I wished he would have been more demanding on some things with Flesh or at least admitted it hurt when Flesh did certain things. But he didn't so that made me not like him.

For one thing, everyone who knows me knows I don't like to read about a crap load of sex and this book had a crap load of sex and it was very hard to just skip over them because as I found out early on, it might have been important to the mystery! Which sucked so many monkey balls it's not even funny. I could have lived with the overabundance of sex, though, which by the way, I felt didn't need to be there. (I mean, just stating for the record that Flesh is a slut is more than enough, add in the little confessions about having done this judge or that cop or that prostitute is more than efficient.) I didn't appreciate reading about Flesh sucking and fucking every guy he came into contact with. So, strike one.

Then there's the open relationship Colby and Flesh now have. Strike two. I wanted Colby to at least show some emotion about it hurting him to think he's not enough for Flesh but all he said was to tell him afterwards so he knows... Um, yeah, buddy. No.

If there had been a strike three, this would have been rated much lower but thankfully there wasn't. What I did like about the book was the mystery and Ethan's style. It was engaging. I thought Flesh was extremely idiotic in his pursuit to completely ignore everyone when they said to stay out of the investigation but it sure was entertaining watching him dig himself deeper into a hole!

I hate Flesh so much it's not even funny. I didn't want to continue reading this book because he's an uber slut but I also didn't want to put it down. That's why I'm having such a hard time rating this. When a book is good enough to keep me interested and keep me up late at night, that deserves a high rating but I just couldn't connect with these characters at all. I didn't like them one bit. I loved the mystery and I loved seeing Flesh fuck himself over but other than that, I didn't like him at all. Oh, and I really like Gabe... but of course, Flesh broke his heart. Fucker.

However (I'm gonna be a hypocrite here so watch out), I have to recommend this book. I'm desperately hoping Flesh gets rid of his slutty ways in the sequel and becomes more mature because I do want to read more about him. Mostly because I love Ethan's writing but also because I'm hoping he does right by Colby... and I want an HEA for Gabe (which I think happens in book 3?) either way, I still hate Flesh but I want to know more about him and his past and I think other people will probably like him. Either way, I grudgingly recommend it.

Oh! Completely forgot about Flesh's rules! I thought those were hilarious!
Rule Number 1: No topping
Rule Number 2: No kissing
Rule Number 3: No sleepovers
Rule Number 4: No sharing showers
Rule Number 5: No riding
Rule Number 6: No talking about his past
Rule Number 7: You don't have to fight to be a man
Rule Number 8: Sometimes you have to fight whether you want to or not
Rule Number 11: Don't hook up with the same person two nights in a row
Rule Number 13: No committed relationships
Rule Number 17: Do it right or don't do it at all

I'm not quite sure what happened with rules 9, 10, 12, 14, 15 or 16 but hopefully they'll be in the sequel. Either way, I enjoyed watching Flesh's rule break when it came to Colby.