The Trap - Indigo Wren 3.5 stars

I must say, something about this book just rubbed me the wrong way in the beginning. I'm not quite sure what, though. I mean, I love hostage and kidnappings (although it's a stretch to call this a kidnapping because David went to the island on his own even though he was tricked into thinking it was a resort instead of a trap) so that part didn't bother me. Even the fact that some reviewers are calling this just basically one long date rape didn't bother me either. I think what turned me off about the story was how Ethan treated David like he was invalid even though he was perfectly healthy besides a few cuts and blisters. Yeah, I think that might be it. I can handle rapes and abuse and kidnappings and hostages but I guess I just don't like it when a friend keeps another friend hostage, ties him up, hand-feeds him like he's a baby (even though his hands work perfectly fine) and tells him sorry I can't let you do any of that stuff because it's not really what you want to do... So, yeah.

I honestly think if the first half was delivered differently, where Ethan's treating David like an invalid, I would have loved the story. Or maybe it was my frame of mind at the time of reading it. I'm not sure but I liked the second half way, way, way more than the first half. This is because Ethan gets over his constant need to keep David from doing things on his own and because David starts to ease his way out of the closet. Although, would it be considered a closet when he only likes his best friend? I mean, he's not really gay and I got the impression neither is Ethan. So, they are both gfy? Would that still be a closet? Or more of a screen? Yeah, it got better when David eased out from behind the screen he was living behind for three years. Lol

There are some good things about the book, though. While David was slightly annoying with his refusal to accept his attraction to Ethan, he was funny in a sarcastic type of way and I found myself loving the easy banter between the two of them. It was amusing when they kept tossing back and forth barbs and insults. I think the best way to describe Ethan is psychotic and a cock-tease. I mean, he baby-proofed his whole house so David didn't have a way of escaping. So maybe neurotic, too? He's kinda of a cock-tease, though, because he'd always seduce David but then threaten to stop what he was doing unless David begged for more.

I liked the story overall but from my opinion of the beginning it was hard to get this story to go farther than a 3.5. I loved David, even with his constant need to say 'no', and the fact that it's explained why Ethan does what he does at the end made me like Ethan, too. The book is well-written and quite entertaining. I especially liked that it ended on a happy note but it's not like one of those endings where it's rushed. At least not to me. It took months for David to come to terms with Ethan and what he did, and why, before he could make them both happy.

All in all, while the beginning put me off, the overall story was good. There's a tiny bit of bondage in the book but nothing major, just some tying up and that's it.