Ghost from the Past - Carol Lynne In all honesty, this is my least favorite of the whole series. I don't like menages in general but out of every menage I've read, this couple I absolutely hate. I hate Nate. He's a selfish, vain bastard that doesn't give two shits about his partners. The only time he cares about something is when it's threatened to be taken from him. And that's exactly what this book and any book where these characters are the main couple is about.

Same shit every time. Ryan and Nate ignore Rio. Don't give a shit about him and just walk all over him. Something happens to Rio and then all of a sudden they care about him again? They didn't give a shit about him before but now that their relationship is being threatened, they all of a sudden want to work things out? When they wouldn't even listen to him when he tried to say something was wrong? Then when they finally decide to do something about the craptastic form their relationship is in, they say fucking doesn't solve anything and they need to talk it out then two seconds later they say 'let's talk later' and end up fucking.

The only shining star in this couple is Rio and even in this book he annoyed me because Nate always made it seem like Rio and Ryan were the ones to blame about everything (own up to your fucking mistakes Nate! Christ) so Rio was apologizing to Ryan or Nate almost the whole book.

To say I was frustrated is an understatement. I love Carol's books, I really do but I really, really, really hate this couple. I've never liked them. Nate has always been annoying. Rio has always been walked all over and Ryan has always favored Nate over Rio. The only thing I enjoyed about this book was Jack and Ryan getting shot. I was hoping throughout the whole book Rio would dumped Ryan and Nate and hook up with Jack and when that didn't happen, I was hoping Nate had been shot instead of Ryan.

Whatever. I don't recommend this book and from now on, I think I might just skip anymore books about Nate, Rio and Ryan. I'm over them. It's the same shit every time. Stop saying you are going to start talking more only to end up in the same predicament every time by ignoring Rio and blaming him when something happens. It's annoying.

ETA: I feel really bad rating this one star because I don't hand out one stars often (like barely ever) so rating and reviewing this just about kills me because I love this series but I seriously hated this book. Grrr