Balancing Karma - I.D. Locke There are exactly two reasons I've put off reviewing this book. For one, I absolutely loved it and if I had written my review right after I finished the book, I would have praised and gushed about the book for so long people would have seen how long the review was and most likely wouldn't even attempt reading it. Reason number two is... well... I'm lazy. Lol.

I really did love this book. It was absolutely adorable. Moswen and Kijika make such a cute couple, especially with how different they are not only in species but personalities, and do things that are just so cute and sweet I lost count how many times I either thought or said 'awwww'. Aside from the cute factor, I adored Moswen's 'throw-back' tendencies and his easy manners. They made this long story fun and enjoyable.

I loved how devoted Moswen is to Kijika. He worshiped Kijika to a point some might think is unhealthy but I happen to find it endearing. I loved the mpreg in this book. It's explained and you actually get to see it which is more than I can say for most of the other mpreg books I've read. And it was interesting to see Kijika and Moswen mix their cultures and societies together to find a happen medium between the two.

It really was an enjoyable read. The only things I had a problem with was how much sex there was and I wished there had been more explanation of Moswen and his ability to walk 'dreams'. I got confused a time or two on how he was able to travel through dreams and what exactly 'Dream-stepping' and 'Dream-walking' was.

All in all, absolutely loved this book. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel, which features Moswen's half-brother. I'll have to wait until it's finished since it's currently on-going but until then I'm looking forward to reading more from I.D. Locke. Definitely recommended.