Draconian Measures - J.C. Owens Loved this book. It was much different from the previous books in the Gaven series but I felt since this one focused on two new characters it fit and felt exactly right. As opposed to the previous two books, this one is light, funny and an easy read.

Sadan is an amusing character with his easy going attitude and his desire to conquer Graitaan. Graitaan is a more subdued character who hasn't had the best childhood growing up. He's lonely, a bit broken inside and can't admit the feelings he has for his sexy commander. Sadan, however, has no problem admitting his desire for Graitaan.

I enjoyed this book a lot because it focused a bit more on things besides the humans. I loved the description of Graitaan, although I had a hard time picturing what he looked like. It was still extremely fascinating and I loved the way Sadan took the opportunity to take Graitaan home when Graitaan was injured much to Graitaan's chagrin. One of my favorite parts of the book was how Graitaan made it quite known how he hated being around Finnarians. I also loved the way whenever he'd get angry at Sadan he'd just start throwing whatever was close by at Sadan. I couldn't stop laughing and the end of the book was my absolutely favorite scene. It was so cute.

Overall, a great book. I love all of J.C.'s books but this series is definitely holding a special place in my heart. I can't wait to read more in this series (which will hopefully continue!). Definitely recommended.