Cattle Valley: To Service and Protect - Carol Lynne I didn't really like this one. I enjoyed Ethan in previous books and I suppose I liked him in this one but I didn't like Brian at all and Pete deserved way better.

As with every menage I read, I always feel like there's more of two characters and less of the third one. In this case, while Ethan and Pete spent more time together it was because of Brian's reluctance to come completely clean to his son about his relationship with Ethan and Pete so it put a strain on the three of them resulting in Pete and Ethan spending more time together without Brian. However, while I felt Ethan spent more time with Pete than the three of them together, I felt Brian and his issues along with Ethan and his issues were more the focus of the story than Pete was, which adds to the part where I felt like Pete was left out more than the other two especially with how I felt we didn't get much of Pete's past.

In my eyes, Pete got walked all over by Brian. They had a relationship for how long and Brian only considered Pete a fuck buddy? Then Ethan comes into the picture and Brian claims Ethan deserves better than being a fuck buddy. Like, what the fuck? Pete deserves to be a fuck buddy instead of being a partner? Asshole. I hated Brian. He was a coward who couldn't own up to his responsibility or feelings. Ethan claimed he was a 'good father' but in my eyes, a father that lies to his son about the relationship he's having and sneaks out at night for a booty call is not a good father. It's easy to give a kid a place to stay and feed him, it's not easy to be a good partner unless you work for it.

Needless to say, I didn't like this book. I liked these characters in previous books but I don't like them as a couple. Nothing felt like it was resolved. Yeah, Brian came out to his son finally but what is going to happen next? Pete and Ethan living together separately from Brian just spells problems to me which left the book unfinished, in my opinion.