Cattle Valley: The O'Brien Way - Carol Lynne I enjoyed this one a lot. I really like Moby and Sean as characters and as a couple.

Sean does something really stupid in the book but he makes up for it (even if I thought he should have suffered a little bit more before he was forgiven). I enjoyed Moby and the way he came home to take care of his mom, Virginia, when his dad past away. I actually thought I wouldn't like Virginia but she was surprisingly likable especially with the way she was willing to accept Sean as Moby's partner and was kind enough to give Sean the mom he never had. It was extremely sweet how Moby took care of Sean when he was sick, too. I couldn't help but smile at that part and I absolutely loved Sean's jealousy afterwards.

The only problem I had was it felt incomplete at the end. Considering the way Sean grew up and how his family never celebrated anything, I was anticipating reading about what Sean was feeling when he finds out what all Moby put together. Unfortunately, it ended before I could experience that so I felt a little disappointed.

Other than that, I really enjoyed the story, it's one of my favorites so far. Recommended.