The Magic Thieves  - Serena Yates 4.5 stars

Oh, man! There were like these little mini cliffhangers at the end of each chapter that made it so hard to put down instead of keep reading! So fair warning! If you are looking to read this one, make sure you have the time with no interruptions because seriously, it was so tempting to keep reading and I would have if my eyelids weren't drooping because I was so exhausted!

I loved the world building. It was unique where the world is based solely on magic and not technology. It was interesting to say the least especially with the different levels of authority and the like (Magic Council, Law Forces, Ruling Assembly and House of Justice). I have a soft spot for anything that has to do with elements so I fell in love with the elemental powers.

Elryk and Kaythan (who I shortened to Kay) were quite interesting. They start off as enemies because Elryk is a wanted wizard and Kay is a Law Forces Commander. He has an obligation to find, capture and arrest Elryk. Instead, he has other plans. Elryk also ends up turning himself in first but nonetheless there's an air of enemies-to-lovers that I just couldn't resist. It doesn't take long before Kay convinces Elryk he never intended to turn Elryk in but instead needs his help in defeating the ruling Xoh’kas family and stop the magic thieves stealing people's magic. It comes as a big shock to both of them to realize they are mates and Elryk no longer has any of his magic.

This starts them out on an adventure to reclaim Elryk's powers and in the process strengthening their mate bond, which is the first to exist in two centuries. They have to go to certain chambers to reclaim each element, or Magic Key, and using it to capture the Magic Shield. It seemed as if the challenges associated with gaining each Magic Key were created in a way to help either Kay or Elryk get past the fears they had and strengthen either themselves or the bond. The Earth chamber was relatively easy for them but the Water chamber being Kay's fear of water, Air chamber being Elryk's fear of heights, Fire chamber helping Elryk get past his guilt that he killed his family (when he didn't) and the Lightning chamber creating an even harder obstacle that only cementing their bond will help fix.

The only problem I had was (and this is solely my problem) the sex. There wasn't even that many sex scenes but I just wasn't in the mood so when they finally consummated their bond, I just wanted them to hurry up and get on with the adventure again!! Like I said, though, there's not much of it just that I was totally not in the mood for any smexing. At all. :-( But, I loved Serena's writing enough to actually read through them. Lol.

Overall, an excellent start to a series. Absolutely recommended. I can't wait to see where this series goes... and you know, I'd like Nysat's book ASAP, thanks, Serena ;-)